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Cavalry Security, Inc.

Cavalry strives to be an extension of our clients' staff in a way that ensures we assist in providing a safe work environment and respond promptly to all situations that may arise.  Cavalry Security Inc. is focused on long-term, strategic-partnerships based on mutual trust, respect, and support signified by our never-ending commitment to add value.

Cavalry Security Inc. places great emphasis on providing quality and consistent service to all our customers.  We assist in developing a complete and customer-specific service plan with our main objective being the protection of life and property.  However, we never forget our responsibility to favorably impact the public's experience at the client's site.  

Cavalry has experienced remarkable feedback due to the positive response from the property management community due to our comprehensive service package.  With our value-added approach to providing security services, our customers have come to know and trust Cavalry Security Inc. as a partner in the security industry.

Security You Need... Service You Deserve

Security | Officer | Guard | Vehicle Patrol | Services