Cavalry Security, Inc. provides security officer services in commercial office buildings, retail centers, industrial parks, or educational facilities. We offer a level of strategic and tactical knowledge that will ensure we keep your security program current and cutting edge. We will do more than just staff various posts, we will offer recommendations and suggestions as needed to ensure you are utilizing both your capital and your security resources in the most effective way possible. We will be there with you to address the issues and challenges we all know will arise, using our network of service and product vendors to assist you as required.  We are committed to both your success as a business as well as your security program, and we will change as your security requirements change.   

From uniforms to computers to communications, we will ensure our officers are equipped to do the job you need, at the standard you deserve.  We also provide a variety of options to choose from.  Choose from several different uniform options, reporting processes, or even the processes themselves may be customizable depending on what you choose.  Not only are we adaptable in the way we do things but, also, when and where we do them.  If you are on-site at 2am, a Cavalry Manager is there or en-route.  If you have properties in another city and an issue arises, we will hop on a plane and conduct an assessment of the situation for you anytime, anywhere.

Security Officer Services
Armed and Unarmed Security Guard Services

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