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Cavalry Security was founded with the belief that if we hired the best people and provided the highest quality services to our customers, we would build a first-class security company. Since then, our pursuit of excellence has led to sustained growth and today we have a team supporting clients throughout the country.

Stronger Recruiting

When you’re selected by Cavalry, it’s a testament to your character. We seek out people who are motivated, eager to learn, committed to serving our clients and always doing what’s right. We thoroughly screen and carefully select every employee, and assign our officers to posts where they will be most successful.

“I wanted to pass along to Cavalry leadership that our officers were crucial in helping me prepare for our security audit. Without their help — not just the few days leading up to the audit, but the way they conduct their business throughout the year — in maintaining and gathering records and information I have no doubt the audit would not have been nearly as successful.”



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